The Isle of Man was fairly unusual in that it had (similar to Germany) it's own beer purity laws , which -unlike Germany -date back to 1874. The law forbade the use of any supplement to malted barley, hops, sugar, water and brewers' yeast. Sadly, the Manx Government repealed the act in 1999.
At Bushy's we opposed the rescinding of this law and still brew to it's requirements - actually we exceed them by eliminating sugars from our ales, and using 100% malt in our brews. A luxury other brewers choose to forgo by taking the cheaper option with sugar.
The brewery moved in 1990 to an out of town location on Mount Murray, during the expansion, beautiful new equipment was acquired, incorporating a Robert Morton Brew Tower, a bank of stainless, conical fermenting vessels, all individually thermostatically controlled, and a host of built in controls which ensure the consistency of all our brews, whether summer or winter.
Head Brewer, Neil Convery, is a real 'hands on' brewer who is involved at every stage of the process - including the consumption of the finished product!

He has a passion for real ale, and that passion shines through in the quality of his work.