By far our most popular ale. An aroma of pale malt and hops introduces you to a beautifully hoppy bitter beer, despite the predominant hop character, malt is also evident, fresh and clean tasting.
  • OLD BUSHY TAIL ~ A.B.V. 4.5%
    The first beer produced by our world famous brewery. An appealing reddish brown beer with a pronounced hop and malt aroma, the malt tending towards treacle. Slightly sweet and malty on the palate, with distinct orangy tones. The full finish is malty and hoppy a hint of toffee
  • MANANNAN'S CLOAK - A.B.V. 4.0%
    A creamy headed, smooth amber ale, reflecting its 100% malt mash. A subtle bitterness from Manx grown hops giving a clean taste and aroma, with a slight fruit/spice after taste - good all round session beer reflecting the beer purity laws under which it was produced.
  • CLASSIC ~ ABV 4.3%
    A complex, rich ruby ale, full fruit and malt on the palate. A balanced citrus aroma follows, resulting in a real connoisseur ale in a true Burton style.
  • PISTON BREW - A.B.V. 4.5%
    Only available during the TT in June. A pleasant ruby coloured ale, slightly sweet with subtle hop flavours coming through from the late addition Challenger and Fuggles hops. Malty with hints of toffee. Appeals to the Newcastle Brown Ale Brigade
  • SUMMER ALE ~ ABV 3.8%
    A refreshing light beer, brewed with pale lager malt, fragrant Czech Saaz and German Hallertav lager hops, carefully blended to create a brew to quench a thirst and satisfy the taste buds on those warm summer days. A pleasant alternative to lager without the fizz.
    A rich satisfying mid brown beer with a pronounced hop and aroma of malt and fruit. Sweet and malty on the palette, the finish is balanced with some hop bitterness.
  • OYSTER STOUT ~ A.B.V. 4.2%
    Reviving the tradition of this style of beer long before the bigger breweries caught on. Using fresh oysters in the late stages of the boil gives this delicious chocolaty, creamy beer mysterious qualities which, although not scientifically proven, help a couples' amorousness if not their fertility!
    Only available when there's an AAH in the month!
    A light, straw coloured, single variety hop ale. Fine flavour from the choice fuggles hops used at all stages. Early and late addition in the copper and dry hopped in cask. With pale malt in abundance, the outcome is an ale of outstanding hop aroma with refreshing bitter undertones.
  • RUBY MILD ~ ABV 3.5%
    An authentic 100% malt brewed mild with a fine aroma of crystal malt and fuggles and challenger hops. Deep red in colour, the flavour is well balanced creating a popular session beer.
    A light, golden beer full of floral and citrus hints. Very refreshing and a truely fantastic session beer!

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