The best beer festival on the Isle of Man - no doubt about it! The Bay hosts the Bushy's Rythmn & Brews Festival from Aug 25th to Sept 10th.
Can you believe that they have 14 different ales on the bar every day???
Add to that a virtual multitude of bands playing on the beach or in the Bay and you've got a proper event!

Spectacular? You want spectacular? How about beach motocross with Bradda Head as a backdrop?
The island's top motocrossers going at it hammer and tongue on Port Erin beach - directly in front of the Bay. 11th of August is the date. Spectacular? Well, you've certainly got it!

The Vintage Motorcycle Club have a rideout to Port Erin on August 26th. This will will tie in beautifully with descerning folk who know that they don't make motorcycles like they used to and the certainly don't brew beer like the old days...
Mmmm... Well, we think the first point is very debatable, but the second is certainly wrong, and the Beer Festival at the Bay will certainly prove that point. Argue the toss over a pint or two.

Sailors over the centuries have a lot to thank one particular island resident for.
William Hillary was living in Douglas when, after seeing many maritime disasters, instigated the the RNLI.
Port Erin's Lifeboat day is a fantatic way to see what these brave and selfless men and women do. There's a raft race and many other attractions too.

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